Five Things We Can Learn From King Of Shaves

by ACE admin on August 19, 2012

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The King of Shaves, is a British company, specialising in razors and shaving products. Headed up by founder Will King, this is one company that we can learn from as creative enterprises.

1. Make a few products, and sell them by the bucket load.

The King Of Shaves makes the most of ‘quality not quantity’. By streamlining the business to only include the very best products with mass appeal, as soon as they got the volume, then they were onto a real winner! The range has been tweaked and refined since their launch back in 1993, but they now export and have a worldwide presence. Far easier to make an impact when you have a clearly defined focus!

2. Don’t waste mega-bucks on advertising. Get creative with it.

The King Of Shaves is very creative when it comes to advertising. Harnessing the viral effect of a video well made, the reach of the brand is very cleverly enhanced. Check out these two examples.

3. Get social.

The King Of Shaves knows that to get business, he had to get social. They have a good following on all the popular social media platforms and what’s more, it is an engaged following. The power of having loyal brand advocates is not to be sniffed at!

4. Be approachable & interactive, and don’t take yourself too seriously.

This adds to the previous point. Anyone who connects with the King Of Shaves on twitter or facebook, is guaranteed a reply if one is needed! I have also seen King Of Shaves actively encouraging their following to create content that relates to their brand, and by being so open and approachable, they do it willingly! Some brands spend millions trying to create a buzz around their brands, and still you wouldn’t chat about it to your friends. The King Of Shaves way is far more effective, and cost efficient!

5. Give Something Back

The King Of Shaves is a super success, and as such, works hard to ‘pay it forward’, as it were. One of these initiatives is their Young Blades scheme, whereby they back promising athletes at the cutting edge of their careers! Recent sponsorship for 100m sprinter James Ellington, saw the young athlete achieve his dream of getting to the Olympics to compete, which would not have happened without the backing of the King Of Shaves.
And look at this fab photo opportunity – James Ellington was already well practiced in the art of the King Of Shaves swoosh, but can you recognise his friend in this tweeted golden Mo-ment? Priceless!

james ellington king of shaves swoosh mo farah Photo Credit @Jellington100m via Twitter

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Find King Of Shaves on twitter @KingOfShaves

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