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by ACE admin on February 1, 2013

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Trying something new ~ is this something you do?

There’s a saying “Keep doing what you’ve always done, and you’ll get what you’ve always got.”
Well, this makes total sense, and so it seems apt to apply it not only to our day-to-day lives, but to our creative businesses.

The inspiration behind this post comes from a little observation I made over the last few days. Over the last couple of years, I have followed King Of Shaves on twitter, and become quite a fan of business and the entrepreneur behind it. Anyway, I like to tell my other half about interesting people and products I find on Twitter, so I have been subtly dropping the brand into conversation for quite a while. Then a few nights ago, he was moaning about the price of replacement blades for his current shaving system and how it was beginning to feel like he couldn’t justify the cost. So I said, “Why not try the King of Shaves. Their system is very competitively priced, and they also do a direct shipping option which for £5 a month, will get you replacement blades sent straight to your door. They can do this because they don’t need to add on the cost of pricey shop packaging – just the bit you need and want.” Now, the other half has been shaving for many, many years, and has always used the same brand. He asked why he would want to change and surely it couldn’t really save him money ~ so I said that he had nothing to lose by trying something new ~ at worst, he wouldn’t have to spend a lot to try it, because of their very reasonable prices, and at best, he would find a whole new system to use going forward that would save him lots of money in the long run! Anyway, to cut a long story short, the next day, he went to the supermarket and without being prompted, came home with a King Of Shaves Azor 5.

Try The King Of Shaves

Now I don’t know about you, but when people act on my recommendations, it gives me a real sense of pride, and on this occasion it felt like a bit of a personal victory! So much so, I even tweeted the King Of Shaves himself to let him know – such was my joy!

Anyway, I digress, trying something new. My other half didn’t realise there were other options open to him ~ simple as that. So that is why, despite the rising costs of the replacement blades on the other systems, he had kept on using them for so long.

What has this got to do with creative business I hear you ask. Well, the point is I got a ‘loyal brand user’ to try something new. And the only reason I did that, was because King Of Shaves have made their brand worth talking about, which in turn turned me a subliminal sales agent. Now while I am sure Mr King isn’t dancing around his office and planning his retirement because of my other half’s purchase, it proved to me that there are a whole section of people out there, who may never even consider buying products or services from your creative business, even if it is blatantly better for them. But all it takes is one little spark and before you know it, they are actively seeking your goods out – winning them over on by one!

So, think about creating a product that doesn’t make the price point a barrier, that will enable your customers to be able to impulse buy, as if your offering is good enough and they like it when they have tried it, they will continue to buy from you, trust you enough to make higher value purchases with you, and also tell all their friends; all growing your subliminal sales army! Also, make it a product or service worth talking about above price. The other half reported back that it was a different way of shaving, and it had a springy head. I was able to tell him that it was down the King Of Shave’s technology or ‘bendology’ as they call it!

So, can you try something new today? Make something a little bit different? Go for it!

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