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by ACE admin on March 18, 2013

in Creative Marketing

With an ever-increasing number of social media channels, it can seem baffling to know where to start, let alone where best to concentrate your efforts. So it is important that you can keep an eye on the content and channels that work best for you. Most platforms are trackable with some sort of analytics.

I think the trick to this, is to realise that rather going into broadcast mode, you need to be aware that each platform is essentially a community. Communities work best because they revolve around exchanges of news, ideas, content and conversation, so if you can harness that on any given platform, you are away!

The good thing about this, is that it enables you to get maximum use our of your content.  A blog post for example, may well translate fabulously into a little video or podcast, so that opens your channels from just a blog channel, to televisual or audio channel.  With a bit of luck and good content, you have instantly broadened your audience, and with relatively little extra effort from yourself. You can also re-use this content time and time again, by posting it to twitter or facebook, months down the line, for the benefit or any new followers or anyone that missed it first time around. Hopefully, the increased exposure to your best content will stimulate conversation, as ultimately, if you can create conversation, you can create more awareness for your business.

So keep stretching your content and think about what works best for each channel. Look at the difference posting on a different day or time makes.  Channel your content and make it work for you and your creative enterprise!

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