Can Anyone Start A Creative Enterprise?

by ACE admin on April 8, 2011

in Enterprising Creatively

can anyone start a creative enterprise
Can anyone start a creative enterprise? In a word, yes! I certainly do believe anyone can.

To get started, all you need is a bit of passion and the desire to want to earn money. Obviously having a flair for something or a natural talent does help, but even that doesn’t have to be a barrier. You see, a creative enterprise doesn’t just have to represent people who make thing specifically, but rather be creative in the way they approach business.

I think I will even feature other creative enterprises on this site, just so that I can get that point across.

For me, a brilliant example of a creative business is Lauren Luke. She started by selling make-up and from there quickly progressed to showcasing how those poducts can be used, via Youtube. After building up a monumental following,  she now she has her own make-up range, books, computer games, a mobile phone app and she is demand with the television producers, papers and glossy magazines as the woman to come to for make-up tutorials.

It really is very inspiring.

So you see, Lauren used her creativity and is now reaping the benefits, in ways I would hazard a guess, she would never have imagined happening!

So think outside the box a little, whether you are already in business or just considering starting-up – there has never been a better time!

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