Small Business ~ How To Get Started

by ACE admin on October 4, 2013

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So you’ve got an idea for a small business? Hurrah and well done on taking the first step on the small business road!

So, now you’ve got the idea, what next? How do you get started?

Other than ‘just start’, you’ll probably benefit from a couple of things.

You will want your own web presence, in the form of a website preferably.  I have seen people who run their businesses, or rather start off running their businesses, just via a facebook page, but I feel that having your own website gives you a proper sense of purpose. At the end of the day, you want to be able to direct people to YOUR small business, not Facebook, who really don’t need our help in increasing visitors to their site!

Anyway, depending on what type of small business you plan on running, you will need to tailor your website accordingly. So are you offering a product, or a service? Do you need to be able to take payments via your site? Do you want customers to be able to call you? Do you need to acquire any specific details from your customer to enable you to fulfil their order or request? All of these things are easily co-ordinated for yourself via any of the main web hosts, but if you have the funds available, do call in a professional website builder if you are not confident doing it yourself. Or if you feel it will take time you don’t have.

If you need suppliers to get your small business going, it is best to have these in place before you start offering things to paying customers. This may sound obvious, but sometimes these things are overlooked.

You will also want to consider a couple of social channels in which to spread the word about your brand new small business. For these, I can recommend Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. Again, it is a matter of finding out what works best for you. Where are your ideal clients likely to be? Go there!

And finally, the only other must have, is a bit of determination! It really is that simple! Good luck!

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